New product! Dalby Table

New Product! Dalby Table

Dalby table with construct stools

We are delighted to release our Dalby Table! The first of four product releases that will span over the next 6 months.

Your newest old friend. The Dalby table will inject warmth and quality into an interior without raising any eyebrows. Dalby provides a practical, robust surface and maximised leg positions for clear, usable access all round the table. The simple design easily scales across a wide range of sizes from small 3 to 4 people circular tables through to huge meeting tables.

Embodying naughtone’s green credentials, Dalby is formed using sustainable solid oak. The Dalby table is built from solid materials the good old way and will therefore last as long as it’s timeless aesthetic endures.  Market driven, Dalby table responds to the demand for a softer contract environment.

If you want to find out more, click the link to view the Dalby product page.

Alternatively Email sales@naughtone.com or call (+44) 1243 816500.