CSR Statement

naughtone has always considered the environment throughout our design and manufacturing process. We understand that as we continue to grow, so does our potential impact on our surroundings. As most of our raw materials are simple, we have great control over their sources, and are proud be able to offer FSC® certified upholstered products and use recycled metals in our table ranges.

The addition of our North American manufacturing provision also helps to keep manufacturing miles to a minimum, as our market continues to grow in the USA. Finally, naughtone offers a ‘bring back’ programme, where the client is able to return the product to our factory, where we will be happy to breakdown and recycle the parts for you.

naughtone is proud to announce that we offer an extended 10 year warranty on across all products, globally. We have also successfully gained Health Product Declarations or HPDs for a number of our products.


FSC® certified products
available upon request


naughtone offers PEFC
certified products


Environmental Summary for each product range

We have a comprehensive range of downloadable product brochures for every naughtone product. These have been designed to document all the relevant product information in one easy to use extended product brochure. These cover all frequently asked questions and are handy when specifying a project.

Every product range now has a dedicated extended brochure that is available for download from the product pages on the website and through our designers toolkit. They include:

  • New brochure/case study images
  • Technical specifications
  • Structural testing certificates
  • Information on servicing and warranty
  • Overall dimensions and additional dimension references
  • Weights
  • Product specific environmental attributes
  • Material percentage splits
  • Post-consumer recycled content
  • Recyclable content
  • CSR statement
  • Product specific design statement
  • Product lifecycle
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Technical and environmental summary

Where sustainable sources are quoted, and a chain of custody is required by a customer this must be indicated on the purchase order to naughtone. A chain of custody requested after an order has been placed or delivered may be difficult to recover.

Figures stated in the Environmental product summary may vary based on model and options selected, we have based this document on a specific example when produced in the United Kingdom. Recycled content calculations are taken from supplier information and industry averages, material variables are likely to affect the figures which may result in higher or lower percentages

This document will be reviewed and updated periodically and is subject to change without notice.


1. Design

Every aspect of the naughtone product ranges has been designed with the environment considered, from ethical material choice, production & storage efficiency, and ease of disassembly. Dense foam sets and resilient fabrics are selected for their longevity and effectiveness across sectors. Durable high quality finishes such as powder coated bases in a range of colours allow clients the freedom of finish options. Finish samples are available allowing clients to make informed decisions and retain to add to their finish libraries for future reference.

2. Raw Material

Local supply of raw materials is employed for the production of our products when possible, procured from suppliers that are quality inspected for extraction methods and meet the highest environmental standards.

3. Production

As many of our products are assembled by hand the energy expenditure wasted from machinery during the production process is kept to a minimum. All fabrics are cut to ensure optimum efficiency with fabric usage and reduced waste consumption per unit. All production sites have recycling facilities for any excess product that cannot be used elsewhere, which is then managed by a professional third party.

4. Distribution

Distribution of naughtone products generally occurs directly between the manufacturing site to the client. Production is localised when possible to the US or UK regions, reducing the carbon footprint and miles travelled for each product. Many items are flat packed for delivery or shipped disassembled with efficient, minimised packaging; optimizing the transportation vessel space.

5. Usage

naughtone products do not require energy or water to function, thus no environmental exchange takes place and no waste is generated during the life of the product. The only foreseeable need is the cleaning of the product for general maintenance. This includes regular vacuuming to remove dirt and dust particles on upholstery items, and using a dry or damp cloth to wipe non-upholstery items. This is recommended for all products utilised under conditions of normal wear and is expected to have negligible environmental impacts.

6. End of Life

Although our products are durable and demonstrate timeless design, naughtone products are manufactured in such a way that they can be easily disassembled at the end of life and most of the componentry can be either recycled or re-used as applicable. As a company we are also happy to accept the return of products, to help re-home or recycle furniture or components at the end of the products useful life.