About Us

At naughtone we like to keep things easy; Useful Beautiful Furniture quite simply explains what we do. Even our name naughtone means no-nonsense.

naughtone is a British company founded in 2005 by industry professionals. We like to consider ourselves friendly experts and we strive to make the process of selecting, purchasing and receiving our products as easy and informative as possible.

Although naughtone is based in Britain our products are available globally. We design and develop in the UK then manufacture at home and increasingly internationally to support our approach to sensible lead times, pricing and environmental factors. We have our own showrooms in the UK and North America and our products can be seen in furniture dealer showrooms all over the world.

naughtone furniture is used by some of the most influential brands in commerce and culture; there is no better proof of the relevance and application of the product range. We have built this useful collection of products by reacting quickly to market demands with as straightforward solution as possible.

We like to think that our products perform as you expect them to and are designed with just the right amount of familiarity to make them instantly understood and loved. Simple design paired with our wide variety of finishes means we don’t have to tell you how to use our furniture. Instead, enjoy this brochure and be inspired to find the perfect collection to suit your needs, whatever they may be.