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Global Take-Back Programme

From day one, designing and making sustainable products has been a part of NaughtOne. From the first sketch to the last stitch, we do our best to reduce our environmental impact. Where ever possible, we make our products locally working with sustainably sourced materials and local, responsible suppliers to reduce our impact on the environment. We design our products to endure time, trends and use. Every product we make across the globe comes with a 10-year warranty.

Our environmental certifications and health product declarations help our customers to deliver healthier, more sustainable spaces and achieve their project goals. We help customers properly recycle products at the end of their life. Our Take-Back Programme repurposes components, reducing the amount of raw materials we use.

This is just the start. With every product that we design and make, our commitment grows and so does our desire to help everyone create a more sustainable future.


  1. Contact Us
    Reach out to our Product Management team to begin a Take-Back project, ideally 30-60 days before its required. Once your project is registered, we will coordinate the team nearest to the site required. Speak to your sales rep for details.
  2. Discuss Project Scope
    Our Take-Back Programme team will be in touch with you to develop a plan based on location, product, timeframe and building egress.
  3. Schedule Site Visit
    A site visit may be required to determine if the assets are best for resale, recycle or donation.
  4. Proposal
    The Take-Back Programme team will create a proposal with expected costs/credits for the movement of the goods. The client will only pay for the shipping of the goods from their site.
  5. Review and Approve
    Once approved, our Take-Back Programme team will coordinate and schedule all project timelines with the client, including removal dates, truck schedules and elevator reservations.
  6. Removal Day
    Products will be collected and the site will be left clean and tidy.
  7. Post Removal
    If applicable, the Take-Back Programme team will provide the client with a complete post-project summary detailing the disposition of surplus, through resale, recycle and donation. The report will highlight the total tonnage diverted from landfill.

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