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Getting the most out of working from home

Working from home has become a fact of life but at the same time, it throws up a few challenges in terms of health and well-being now that we’re not in a structured office environment.

Here’s a reminder of some top tips for getting the most out of your working day whilst remaining health and well at home.

Maintain office timing
Stick to your usual working hours so that you have time for other activities, such as family time or exercising. You need to also focus on your health to ensure that you don’t go back into the workplace an unhealthier person post lock down. Wear something comfortable but smart as this will help you get into the working mindset.

Clear those red flags
Use some quiet time to clear out your red flag folder and get on top of those pesky emails.

Dedicate an area to your workspace
You just need space for a table and a comfortable chair. If nothing else, just use the dining table. This will ensure correct posture and prevent stiffness and muscle pain. Making your bed or sofa your work station is definitely not a good idea…

Stay connected
Have regular video chats or phone calls with colleagues and friends to check in on one another. You could also use a buddy system where two colleagues are ‘buddied’ up to give each other a boost every now and again.

Don’t forget your meals
It’s easy to forget your meals if you’re immersed in work… but make sure you’re taking time out for lunch. Add vegetables and fruit to your diet and snack on things like nuts and seeds. This will keep your energy levels up and ensure that you’re being as productive as possible.

Take some time out for exercise
Physical activity is important so whilst working from home, take some time out to indulge in some form of exercise such as a daily walk, or virtual exercise class. This will rejuvenate you and keep your immunity levels up. Remember to take a break and walk around every hour or so to give those legs a stretch.

Life will undoubtedly return to the new normal before we know it, so take some time to enjoy the head space that the office environment doesn’t always allow.

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