Warranty information

Schedule 1

Part 1:
Product Warranties

10 years

NaughtOne warrants to the original purchaser that its products are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 10 years from date of delivery, except as noted below. This warranty applies to single shift (standard 8-hour day, 5 days per week) use.


5 years

Stacking chairs, metal chair frames, seating components including adjustment mechanisms, height adjustment mechanisms and pneumatic cylinders, monitor supports and tablet arm
assembles, wood veneer and low pressure laminate (LPL) surfaces, urethane and wood edge treatments, upholstery/ tailoring and exposed wood frames.

Fabric, Vinyl & Leather

NaughtOne offers no warranty, either implied or expressed, on any fabrics or leathers used on our products. Fabrics and leathers carry warranties from the fabric manufacturer or reseller. Please refer to each reseller’s warranties before specifying. Because every fabric specification is different and application for use must be taken into consideration, NaughtOne shall not be held responsible in any manner for wrong specification of fabric for tailoring, wear, durability, or light fastness.

Part 2:
Limitations and Exceptions

A) General

The warranties set out in Part 1 of Schedule 1:

    • provide coverage to the Customer only;
    • do not apply to (i) merchandise that was, at any time, used as a floor sample or display model, (ii) any merchandise purchased “as is” or second-hand, (iii) any merchandise purchased at a distress sale or a ‘going out-of business’ sale, or (iv) any merchandise purchased from a liquidator.

The Product Tolerances set out in Schedule 2 shall apply. Products shall not be deemed to be in breach of warranty, or otherwise defective, by reason of an issue that is covered in Schedule 2.
All warranties, whether express or implied, cover only normal usage. No warranty, express or implied, applies to any Product condition resulting from misuse, abuse, delivery or transportation damage, nor any Product condition resulting from incorrect or inadequate maintenance, cleaning or care. Warranty is null and void if furniture has been moved from original point of delivery to consumer.

B) Chemical Treatments

The warranties do not cover damages or defects caused by use of chemical treatments or protective coatings on the finish, leather, or upholstered fabric by the Customer, and any
such chemical treatments or protective coatings voids all warranties of NaughtOne.

C) Leather, Upholstered Fabric and Finishes

The warranties on “Leather”, “Upholstered Fabric” and “Finishes and all Other Furniture Products” do not cover (i) damages resulting from excessive soiling, improper or unapproved cleaning methods, or (ii) fading or other damages resulting from exposure to sunlight. The warranties do not apply to any Products that have been altered by any person, dealer, or company without the express written authorisation of NaughtOne.

D) Modifications to Products

These Limited Warranties do not apply to any products that have been altered by any person, dealer, or company without the express written authorisation of NaughtOne ltd.

E) Electrical Components

NaughtOne is a reseller of electrical power & data components and offers a 1 year warranty on these items.

Part 3:
Remedies for Breach of Warranty and Liability of NaughtOne

Where NaughtOne has established to its reasonable satisfaction that a breach of warranty has occurred, NaughtOne shall at its option:

    • itself repair or replace the defective product or component part; or,
    • pay a sub-contractor or agent reasonable and customary labour rates to repair or replace the defective part; and,
    • pay shipping costs from the client to and from NaughtOne (or to and from NaughtOne’s sub-contractor or agent) at no charge to the Customer.

The provisions of clause 8 of the Conditions shall apply in relation to all warranty claims in addition to the limitations and exceptions set out in Part 2 of Schedule 1.


Effective 16 August 2021.