Meet Percy - a lounge chair with personality

microsoft offices

Microsoft offices in London



Microsoft offices in London moved to a new building earlier this year and we have just got our hands on some photos of the finished project! A lot of NaughtOne products went in to this project and we were really excited to see them in action.

Pictured above are some Always chairs, we love the interesting fabric choice on them: contrasting yellow seat pads and a grey fabric outer shell on wooden bases. These Always chairs are upholstered in Camira Blazer fabrics. Also pictured are some Clyde armchairs. After seeing this image NaughtOne staff are requesting a similar cinema room in the office. Fingers crossed!!

As well as Always chairs and various pieces of the Clyde range soft seating in this project included Hush Low chairs and Viv chairs. NaughtOne tables used in this project include Logan, Megaped, Trace and Ped. We also made some very special bespoke sideboards for the Microsoft’s staff X-boxes!



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