NaughtOne products in the wild

NaughtOne products in the wild

Here at NaughtOne HQ, we’re always keen to see where our products are placed after they fly out the door of our UK or North American manufacturing facilities. Here a some fantastic examples of a variety of NaughtOne products on display in Tel Aviv and Mexico.

Foro Boca – Mexico 

Foro Boca in Mexico is a stunning and innovative cultural venue that will be home to the Boca del Rio Philharmonic Orchestra. Symbol Modular Sofa looks beautiful here with it’s curves and modules that can be re-arranged according to the event and requirements. Always Lounge on a steel sled base also adds to the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere here in Veracruz.

Nielson – Tel Aviv 

The new offices of Nielsen in Tel Aviv have become a beautiful showcase for a variety of NaughtOne products. Brightly upholstered Always Lounge and Always chairs have been used alongside Trace coffee tables to create ad-hoc meeting zones, whilst vibrant Bounce chairs, Ped tables and Viv Wood bar stools make a stunning kitchen area for employees to enjoy together.

Sisense – Tel Aviv 

The offices of Sisense in Tel Aviv have a variety of break out spaces and collaborative environments that NaughtOne products have enhanced. Always chairs make comfortable and beautiful meeting chairs, with HushHush Low and Always Lounge creating ad-hoc meeting zones alongside Trace coffee tables and Fold. Colourful Reg chairs and Pinch stools brighten any environment whilst Viv Wood bar stools add a classy element to a space.