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Women, Inclusion and Diversity at NaughtOne

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we thought it only fitting to let our own female leader, Nadean McNaught tell you about the importance of women and diversity in NaughtOne.

“As a woman, promoting gender equality, empowering women and being a positive role model has always been a priority for me. I have worked in many sectors including financial services, engineering and retail and have personally experienced a multitude of different company cultures, good and bad. I started my career at Nike.  The ‘Just do It’ culture really brought out the best in me and was influential  in shaping my future, and helping me identify the kind of leader that I wanted to be. One that genuinely makes a difference, both to the business I work in and to the people I work alongside.

Joining NaughtOne in 2018 was an opportunity for me to enter a fast-growing business with huge potential, a business that at its heart is about fulfilling the needs of people, bringing them together and encouraging real human interaction.

NaughtOne is an exceptional business that features women in key roles at all levels. Our women lead teams, create strategy, serve customers and deliver advancement. They shape thought, drive change and working collectively with their counterparts, they are truly instrumental in driving our business forwards.

International Women’s Day allows us to celebrate the great progress that has been made in the strides for equality for women, especially in businesses such as NaughtOne, but it also reminds us of the long journey that is still ahead for true inclusion and diversity.

At NaughtOne we value inclusion and diversity. I personally believe that everyone comes to work to do their best and to achieve a sense of belonging, something that is deserved by all. We must collaborate with one another and hold ourselves accountable to achieve and maintain valuable change.

It is our aim to ensure that every NaughtOne colleague feels valued and appreciated for who they are. That we actively nurture respect, inclusion and equitable opportunity for all and we are continually working to build an inclusive culture that ensures every individual is able to show up every day, as their best self, confident to contribute and leaving feeling accomplished.

The success of NaughtOne, our creativity and our innovation are achieved by appreciating the diverse perspectives and differences that each and every person brings to their team. We believe that differences are positive influences for business and are not reasons for discrimination or bias. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we stand united in our commitment to #breakthebias, both conscious and unconscious, through awareness, understanding and education, internally and within the wider industry.”

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