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Always on tour

Always on tour

always image Yesterday we took our new Always chair on tour to meet some lovely interior designers in and around Manchester. As you know our Always chair looks extremely dainty and pretty – however due to its high quality steel frame it’s slightly heavier than it looks (which we found out the hard way!) Not to worry though, Lou found an inventive way to carry it on her back!

This months Icon magazine featured an Always advert, get yourselves a copy to see it in there looking fabulous (you could skip straight to the advert on p97 but the magazine is also a pretty good read).

The options for the Always chair are verging on endless: from 5 different base options to different base colours to two-toning the seat and cushion to upholstering it in nearly any fabric we can get our hands on!! Nip to the always product page or give us a ring to see how we can make your Always perfect for you.


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