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central library

Central Library

image template   The Manchester Town Hall complex is made up of the Central Library, Manchester Town Hall and the Manchester Town Hall extension. The Central Library was recently redesigned by SpaceInvader and the furniture was procured by Dragonfly.  A wide range of NaughtOne furniture was used in this project and we have loved seeing our furniture in such a historically important building. Manchester was the first city in the UK to establish a rate-supported public lending and reference library in 1852. Parts of these three buildings are nearly 150 years old, and the complex is a Grade 1 listed building.

The Library now has LOADS of NaughtOne furniture dotted around it. There are pieces from the Clyde and Cloud range as well as Pinch stools and Track benches. Small tables used in this project included Riley tables, Trace tables, Ped tables and Pollen stools and tables. The rooms within the Manchester Library are either modern or Georgian and we are so excited to see that our furniture fits perfectly into both environments. The Hush and Hush low chairs and chairs from the Viv range we feel fitted into both environments the best. A full set of images from this project are available on our Dropbox, or you can look at the case study on our website here.  


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