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Hue available to order 23rd September

From 23rd September 2019, Hue is available to order, for specification into projects.

The most substantial product launch for NaughtOne in 2019 is Hue, designed by Ric Frampton; for dividing, creating and utilising awkward space. NaughtOne questioned the use of freestanding screens in the workplace and soon began thinking about how differences in seating height can provide implied space, without the formality of walls.

Hue divides space but also encourages collaboration. NaughtOne looked at how users interact casually when using lounge furniture and observed more comfortable and frequent interactions when users are sat at a higher posture. The high posture encourages interactions between standing individuals as there is a more common eye level. This is evident in the workplace and in settings that call for faster interactions, where barstools are becoming more prominent, and Hue takes this concept further by providing more luxury at this posture.

“People don’t need to over plan for short dynamic interactions, they just need a space that supports their behaviour in a productive manner.” – Ric Frampton, designer.

Hue’s face to face, two-person arrangement makes perfect use of awkward and narrow spaces in places such as corridors. These spaces are often found outside of meeting rooms, and Hue lends itself well to the warm up and cool down required before and after meetings. As an ideal retreat for team and project spaces, Hue can be positioned around the edges of a space, or when utilising the high screen, can be used to create smaller huddle spaces incorporating lower posture tables and chairs for a tiered environment.

Available as a bar height or standard height, with power and data and in a wide variety of fabrics and finishes, Hue comes with an additional screen option that allows the product to truly divide a space, as the screen finishes higher than is possible on standard high-backed sofas.

For more information, please see Hue product page. For pricing, please email

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