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Meet The Dalby Table Range

Meet The Dalby Table Range

We talk to NaughtOne design team about our latest table range Dalby.


Dalby is our first solid wood construction table, how has the response been since it’s release?

The response has been really positive. The market has readily welcomed it!

Do you think the contract market demanded a table like Dalby?

Yes. The market has been moving towards a warmer more natural feel lately and Dalby satisfies this demand. The simple design fits into any environment and the choice of sizes and top materials makes it really flexible too. It can also be shipped in component form and assembled on site with minimal tools.

Is it unusual to have a solid wood table in a component form?

Defiantly. The ‘knock-down’ process means that its easily assembled on site, making it transport friendly. Combined with it’s FlSP approval – Dalby is an environmentally friendly product.


You mentioned that it has various sizes and finishes?

It does. Which means it is a real chameleon. We want to make sure Dalby has a versatile offering. Which also means we will look at ways to further extend the range.

Brilliant, what will be these new additions?

 Well, we are thinking of extending the Dalby range to include a stool and a dining bench which would make really nice additions. We’ve released several new products over the last few months and there’s more to come so it’s exciting times!

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