Meet Percy - a lounge chair with personality

NaughtOne products shortlisted for Interior Design Best of Year Awards 2018

We’re really excited to have been shortlisted for the Interior Design Best of Year Awards 2018, for Fiji chair and Polly 5 star Through Colour. 

Vote for both of NaughtOne’s newest additions to the portfolio by using the links below. Voting closes on Saturday 20th October so be quick! You can also vote every 24 hours.

Click here to vote for Polly 5 star 

The Polly 5 star is designed for increasingly common, multi-purpose spaces in workplace and educational environments, where the user requires some of the performance of a task chair but the space demands a less technical aesthetic. Polly 4 5 star is part of a range of seating products including bar stools and stacking chairs, allowing the Polly 5 star to sit cohesively in a scheme that may require some task seating, some café seating and some seating at a high posture.

With a comfortable, ergonomic shape and flex in the seat, the Polly 5 star base and arms are die-cast from aluminium and have a robust quality feel, further supporting the contrast between task chair function and domestic furniture quality.

Click here to vote for Fiji

Fiji is a luxurious lounge chair that plays to one of NaughtOne’s strengths; upholstery. Fiji is designed to respond to the increased demand for domestic feeling products with commercial applications. Although luxurious, Fiji remains usable in commercial environments, it has a small footprint and a hidden swivel making it ideal for a multitude of situations such as hotel lounges, lobbies and break out spaces. Fiji works with broad fabric options making it ultimately customisable, particularly with the two tone option. Offering choice is a big motivation for NaughtOne, as we observe the consistent demand for unique interiors.


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