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Nuts for Walnut!

Nuts for Walnut!

wacky for walnut

This week at the NaughtOne in-house photography studio we’ve been going nuts for walnut! We’ve got images of walnut trace tables, walnut bounce chairs and walnut topped construct stools coming out of our ears!

We used a green backdrop so the white and dark brown combo stood out on the bespoke Bounce chairs and Trace tables and thought the walnut wood and green backdrop went so well together we decided to shoot the walnut Construct on there too!

Walnut options extend to our Riley, Hush legs, Fold table top, Viv Wood legs, ped and megaped table tops, logan table top, sideboard, pollen table top, cloud legs, portion legs, clyde club legs…. PHEW! If that’s not what you were looking for please feel free to get in touch on 01423 816 500 and we can let you know what else we can walnut up for you!


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