Meet Percy - a lounge chair with personality

A blank canvas to create beautiful spaces.

“We base our ethos around offering infinite possibility, creating products which are simple to specify and used by designers as a blank canvas to create their beautiful spaces” says Rob Hamilton, Head of Product Management at NaughtOne.

The way we achieve infinite possibilities is through absolute simplicity. We don’t like to overcomplicate and, in keeping things simple, creativity is made possible. No two projects are ever the same.

“However” says Rob, “it is the people behind the projects that really bring our products to life, and they are the key to creating successful products. We always consider; what purpose do our products need to fulfil, how can our products work together to create inspiring spaces, and how can we fill gaps in project requirements? With this in mind, we go forward with new product offerings and developments”.

Problem solving is at the core of our products and we consider every product from the inside out, distilling it to its essence. NaughtOne products are designed to be widely applicable and have broad appeal, bolstered by excellent design, craftmanship and robust manufacture. This approach makes incorporating NaughtOne products into their projects hassle-free for specifiers.

Since NaughtOne’s foundation in 2005, we have seen the completion of 100s of projects, each vastly different, and made possible through the simplicity of product design. Our specifiers can take our products and make them their own. Each product is tailored to fit a unique purpose, end user, environment, configuration, or brand identity and it’s our job to enable that flexibility.

Take, for example, the Always Lounge Chair. The same product but used in two very distinct projects. Leading tech brand, New Relic, wanted to convey a homely setting in the workplace, opting for an oak base with soft grey fabric. The chairs were positioned around a feature fire pit to achieve ultimate cosiness and 360-degree views over the city of Portland.

Conversely, German software company, Contentful incorporated the Always Lounge Chair with the aim of softening the hard, architectural lines of the building, and chose to use the sustainable Camira Oceanic fabric to achieve a bright and modern feel. Both projects demonstrate how creativity paired with adaptable design options, combine to create infinite possibilities.

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