Pullman - a private hideaway in busy spaces



It’s time to get properly reacquainted.
NaughtOne furniture makes catching up over countless video calls a thing of the past. We’re now beginning to be able to catch up with each other in the same space, over a coffee, lunch or even just passing in the hallway. Moments like these have been greatly missed over the past year and is the greatest purpose that the new workplace can fulfil.

Businesses now have an opportunity to present themselves differently, offering a variety of settings within one space, that allow for reconnection, focussing, collaboration and working your way.

Bar-height furniture such as Hue Seating and Table, Always, Polly, Viv or Ruby, is perfect for facilitating impromptu moments between people that are either sitting or standing. Being at eye level naturally makes people feel more comfortable and ready for a casual interaction.

With workplaces reopening, let’s make the most of being together again.

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