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Snowdogs Support Life – Kirklees

You’ve probably heard of The Snowman, Raymond Briggs’ classic Christmas story. So, let us introduce you to The Snowdog.

Throughout towns and streets across Kirklees, The Kirkwood Hospice charity, Snowdogs Support Life – Kirklees, have unleashed 67 Snowdog sculptures. Each Snowdog is decorated with vibrant, individually designed artwork and one Snowdog in particular is close to our heart. NaughtOne Logistics Supervisor, Simon Whitehead’s friend and artist, Gustavo Mainetti, worked on a Snowdog dedicated to the volunteers of The Kirkwood Hospice in Kirklees.

Simon commented, “Gus wanted the Snowdog design to reflect the incredible impact the volunteers at The Kirkwood Hospice make in their community. What better way to convey that than with the lovely words of the volunteers themselves”.

Gus asked volunteers at The Kirkwood Hospice what volunteering means to them, and those heartfelt messages and drawings were then transposed onto the Snowdog sculpture. Once decorated, all 67 of the Snowdog sculptures were dotted around the Kirklees area and could be discovered until the beginning of November using a Trail Map – great fun for the Kirklees community.

In November, the Snowdog sculptures went to auction to raise money for The Kirkwood Hospice. NaughtOne got involved and bought the Snowdog created by Gus, to gift back to The Kirkwood Hospice. Their sculpture will be on display at The Kirkwood Hospice, for volunteers and residents to enjoy.

We are incredibly proud of Gus and Simon and glad NaughtOne could play a part in supporting The Kirkwood Hospice.

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