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The rise of the booth within the modern workplace

Traditionally, office booths were more associated with businesses who used booths for style and design purpose, not seeing beyond the aesthetic benefits. As a result, they were limited in their application across office spaces. Over the last few years however, stand-alone booths are being used more frequently in the modern workplace. As more varied designs have emerged and employees have been driven towards new ways of working, people have begun to truly embrace what booths have to offer.

  1. Privacy 

Modern workplace design is all about ‘open planning’, minimising the use of small, enclosed rooms such as individual offices. This certainly has brought aesthetic benefits, created a more social work environment with employees more visible and accessible than ever before. However, this reduces privacy and confidentiality in the office. A stand-alone booth is a perfect way to tip the balance, facilitating a private space for individual working, small meetings, phone calls or perhaps somewhere to unwind and separate from a fast-paced working environment.

  1. Quiet work zones

Open planning can also cause problems when it comes to distraction and concentration, reducing the productivity of staff. An ideal way to combat this is a high back booth that acts as an acoustic haven to help workers knuckle down in a comfortable environment and work privately without distractions from other office staff.

  1. Tech integrated

Technology in the office has never been more vital, especially with the rise of MS teams and Zoom allowing easy collaboration with teams all over the world. A workplace booth can provide an integrated space where staff can plug in to a power source or screen, to connect to other colleagues and clients and maximise efficiency during longer work periods. Optimal furniture design can provide discreet cable management, providing electricity without impairing the office aesthetic.

So with these clear benefits, why not add a booth to the workplace?

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