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Absolute Simplicity, Infinite Possibility

Venue 1 – The Pavilion, Floor 3, Fulton Market

The Pavilion is an exhibit focusing on the relaunch of the NaughtOne brand as well as three new major product launches while highlighting abundant choice and flexibility. Headline “Infinite Possibility”. In binary code, only two numbers are needed to unlock the bounds of possibility – zero (“naught”) and one. The foundation of the digital world hinges on the concept that the right pattern of zeros and ones can accomplish anything. Design brand “NaughtOne” was founded to represent just that— by offering simple yet specific ingredients leads to a realm of infinite possibilities. 

Venue 2 – NaughtOne Showroom, Suite 11-88, Floor 11, Merchandise Mart

The Mart is a functioning showroom, showcasing NaughtOne’s full portfolio in comprehensive workspace, hospitality and educational settings by featuring a tonal and sophisticated palette. Headline “Absolute Simplicity”. NaughtOne furniture supports the kind of inspiring interactions that cannot happen remotely, converting individual space into collaborative, social and welcoming spaces where people can benefit from face-to-face interaction. By creating zones that are flexible and more comfortable, spaces transform into an appealing destination that users can move in and out of to gain that human interaction that has been greatly missed, whether that’s the workplace, a hotel lobby or an open plan educational setting.

Part of the MillerKnoll collective.