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Cloud Plain booth and Riley table in Interior Design magazine

Cloud Plain booth and Riley table in Interior Design magazine!

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After attending NeoCon14, where we met a load of lovely and interesting people, we were sent a copy of Interior Design, by one of the lovely and interesting people we met there!

Interior Design is a US publication based in New York, the editor’s welcome to Mays issue mentioned: ‘the ever developing effort to dismantle the barriers between our professional lives and the rest of daily life’. At NaughtOne we try to create pieces that can be used anywhere; functioning and fitting in as comfortably as they do in the workplace or the home.

We were flicking through the magazine – which, by the way, is amazing! And were thrilled to see that our Cloud Plain booth and Riley table have been featured in their office furniture section of their spring market tabloid 2014! What a delight! Our construct stools were also pictured in a feature on Tough Mudder’s new Brooklyn office.  Hopefully this is the first time of many that our products are featured in the magazine.




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