Hue shortlisted for FX Design Award

We are delighted to announce that Hue, the most substantial product launch for NaughtOne in 2019, has been shortlisted for Product of the Year in the FX Design Awards 2019.


Designed by Ric Frampton for NaughtOne, Hue divides, creates and utilises awkward space whilst encouraging collaboration. NaughtOne looked at how users interact casually when using lounge furniture and observed more comfortable and frequent interactions when users are sat at a higher posture. The high posture encourages interactions between standing individuals as there is a more common eye level. This is evident in the workplace and in settings that call for faster interactions, where barstools are becoming more prominent, and Hue takes this concept further by providing more luxury at this posture.

Keep your fingers crossed for a win for Hue on the 27th November.