Percy wins Best of NeoCon award

Introducing Through Colour

Polly 4 & 5 star launched at Clerkwenwell Design Week and NeoCon 2018, and continue to strengthen NaughtOne’s strategy of casual and multi-purpose products for demanding environments.

The Polly 4 & 5 stars are designed for increasingly common, multi-purpose spaces in workplace and educational environments, where the user requires some of the performance of a task chair but the space demands a less technical aesthetic. Polly 4 & 5 star are part of a range of seating products including bar stools and stacking chairs, allowing the Polly 4 & 5 star to sit cohesively in a scheme that may require some task seating, some café seating and some seating at a high posture.

With a comfortable, ergonomic shape and flex in the seat, the Polly 4 & 5 star base and arms are die-cast from aluminium and have a robust quality feel, further supporting the contrast between task chair function and domestic furniture quality.

What makes Polly 4 & 5 star different?

A wealth of colours and options make Polly 4&  5 star stand out in the market, as NaughtOne observes and understands the demand and pace for unique interiors.

Colour and customisation options support our strategy to provide useful building block products which can contribute toward a designer’s unique scheme. The Through Colour aesthetic (matching base and chair shell) is an unusual option for this type of chair, especially as it is available in eight colours as standard, helping to transition this product from the task seating realm into these multi-purpose environments.


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