NaughtOne is ten

NaughtOne is ten

naughtone is ten years old

NaughtOne is ten years old! We have come a long way and so has our product range. From our Portion sofa to our Always Lounge chair, we have stayed true to our no nonsense, honest approach to design.naughtone product timeline

The NaughtOne team has grown, as has our market reach. We are trusted and used by some of the most established and influential brands in the world such as Redbull, Google, Twitter and Facebook.

NaughtOne combines great design with robust functionality, straightforward value, great service and a responsible company ethos rooted in our quality manufacturing. We look forward to continuing these brand values over the next ten years!

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As NaughtOne enter it’s tenth year, we talk to it’s directors about all things NaughtOne.

We speak to Sales Director Matt Welsh about Sales, Products, Expansion and a decade of NaughtOne.

“We don’t follow.. we speak to our clients and find out what they are looking for and which products don’t exist.”

Design Director, Kieron Bakewell, discusses NaughtOne’s appeal;

“Our products are built to last with quality materials. As importantly we try and design without the influence of fashion in the hope that our products will be cherished for years to come.”

Commercial Director Mark Hammond talks about the rise and rise of NaughtOne;

“The first year with its first award nominated design and first prestigious client in the form of the bbc, was an exciting start to the journey.”

Keep posted for more on NaughtOne turning ten. Alternatively get in touch!