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tech offices and NaughtOne

tech offices and NaughtOne

Did you know that over the last ten years we have developed a reputation as Tech specialists? Providing products for Tech offices all over the world. From London to San Francisco, NaughtOne’s products have been used to create these inspiring and ever evolving interiors.


Touchdown and breakout furniture have steadily infiltrated many workplaces offering up an alternative to the once stereotypical desk or cubicle set up. Products like our Cloud seating, Always Lounge chairs and other upholstered seating enable and cultivate collaborative working.interior-with-stools


In recent years we have accumulated a large Tech clientele including Google, Facebook, Salesforce and Twitter to name a few. These global brands have pushed the boundaries of what a workplace should look like and we have provided solutions to the changing needs.

Our latest product Rhyme enables individual as well as collaborative work. It’s modular form means it can be used as a simple island or used to create ad-hoc zones within a space. The softer and more organic form represents a shift in the tastes of a commercial aesthetic. NaughtOne’s strength in upholstered furniture means our products are style chameleons. Available in any fabric, our products have the versatility to fit into any interior scheme.



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