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What does it mean to be sustainable?

We asked NaughtOne Sustainability Manager, Bethany Willan, “What does it mean to be sustainable?”. She answered, “for us at NaughtOne, sustainability is a genuine commitment to reducing our impact on the environment. It goes deeper than ticking boxes and greenwashing. It means digging deep into everything you do, at every level of the business. Sustainability stretches from the materials we use, to the durability and lifespan of a product, to the end-of-life recycling process.”

From Day One, designing and making sustainable products has been a part of NaughtOne. From the first sketch to the last stitch, we do our best to reduce our environmental impact.

In the design process, we consider ethical material choices, production and storage efficiencies and ease of disassembly. Wherever possible we produce our products locally, with sustainably sourced materials and responsible suppliers.

Material wastage and energy expenditure is kept to a minimum, with minimal machinery use and efficiently cut fabrics. Distribution is also kept local where possible to reduce the carbon footprint and miles travelled of each product.

At the end of their life, products can be easily disassembled, and a large percentage of each product can be either recycled or reused. We also accept product returns at the end of their life, via our Take-Back Programme.

Bethany goes on to say, “sustainability shouldn’t be viewed as an obstacle. Being actively sustainable doesn’t just benefit the environment. By creating quality, sustainable, and long-lasting products, and moving away from a ‘disposable’ mindset, we also create happy, long-standing clients.” She says, “This is just the start; our commitment and desire to help everyone create a more sustainable future grows with every product we design and make.”

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