Global Day of Purpose

On Tuesday 8th November we celebrated our annual ‘Global Day of Purpose’ as part of the MillerKnoll group.

The Day of Purpose is a day to live out our shared legacy of using business as a force for good, across our global teams.

Our NaughtOne brand stands for making a positive impact on the environment and our communities, so we spent the day doing just that. Our 65 Yorkshire based colleagues headed to Leeds with the aim of improving the Hyde Park area in collaboration with the ‘Litter Free Leeds’ organisation. Leeds’ Hyde Park is within walking distance of the City Centre and Leeds City Station.  It’s a very popular area with a transient student community living within a community of local residents and is home to a wide variety of different communities and cultures.

The area has its challenges in that it has become neglected over the years which has resulted in littering, overflowing bins, graffiti and anti-social behaviour. It is rundown and in desperate need of some ‘TLC’. This was a fantastic opportunity for our team to make a difference by clearing the litter, removing weeds, pruning, lopping, and cleaning paths before moving on to residential streets.

“We divided and conquered, and it was fantastic to see the difference the team made on the area throughout the day. Everyone got really stuck in and enjoyed the graft!” – Grace Todd, Brand Specialist.

In London, the team joined our MillerKnoll colleagues for the London Bridge Walk, walking 9 bridges of London together. The money raised will go to London Friend, an LGBTQ+ mental health and well-being charity, and Holborn Community Centre, an association providing arts & craft, mental and physical wellbeing for disadvantaged children and adults across London.

In the US and other parts of the world, activities for the day included litter picking in the local community, donating blood, and volunteering at local food banks dedicated to providing access to equitable, healthy food for the community.

Another successful Global Day of Purpose, well done team!