Percy wins Best of NeoCon award

Global Recycling Day

Each year, recycling saves over 700 million tonnes in CO2 emissions* and is a core element in our sustainability strategy at NaughtOne.

We have committed to applying the thinking of the waste hierarchy to the design of all future products; exploring options to reduce materials, increase product lifespans and increase the ability to reuse products and components. We ensure our products are easily refurbished and reparable, whilst also facilitating remanufacturing and recycling through our Take-Back Programme.

Our Take-Back Programme is designed to repurpose old components to reduce the amount of raw materials we use and process. When furniture returned to us as part of the Take-Back Programme is in too good of a condition to break apart, we find new home for it, for example through charity channels.

We want recycling our products to be as simple as possible. We’re transparent as to the recyclable and recycled materials that our products are made from and to do this, we produce Product Sustainability Statements for every product we make.

While we are pleased to accept products through our Take-Back Programme, we ensure they stand the test of time and our 10-year warranty on all our products guarantees they can be in use for as long as possible.


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