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Visit from MillerKnoll Leadership Team

Earlier this week, the MillerKnoll leadership team visited our UK sites in Knaresborough and Elland. It was great to demonstrate the talent and hard work that goes on behind the scenes, across several teams, and discuss our ambitious plans.

Below: The NaughtOne Knaresborough teams

The team at Elland showed Andi Owen, with Jen Nicol, John Michael, Megan Lyon, Kartik Shethia, Richard Scott and Malisa Bryant, around the facility, pausing at various stations to try out their skills first hand and exemplify the NaughtOne teams’ work.

Above: Andi Owen at the Elland cutting station

Following the tours of both sites, NaughtOne Managing Director, Nadean McNaught, led the Q+A panel discussions, where the NaughtOne teams had to the opportunity to ask Andi and her team a variety of questions.

Above: Q+A Discussion at the Elland Manufacturing Facility

The visit gave Andi’s team a great insight into the personality behind NaughtOne, both individually and collectively. We look forward to their next visit.

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